Vial of Life/EMS Program

The Vial of Life is a smart way to have your medical information on hand just in case of an emergency. Seniors need this because of their constant medical changes and medications. Put one in your wallet, in your glove compartment, and especially on your refrigerator door.

People find themselves in emergencies that make it difficult to think straight. At these times, all emergency personnel who are trying to help you need to know many things about you, especially if you have a complex medical history. First responders would love to know what medications you are using, what illnesses you have, who is your emergency contact person, what is your normal blood pressure, are you wearing hearing or seeing devices, do you speak English and, if not, what language do you speak?

The Vial of Life speaks for you when you can’t speak or don’t feel well.

Protect yourself, and all of your family members… all it will cost you is a little time. And it could save your life!

How to set up Vial of Life kit
Vial of Life FormVial of Life